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Slender Man Origins 0.01

Slender Man Origins 0.01 Download


Did you hear that? Run while you can!


Slender Man Origins is a horror game developed for mobile devices in which you will have to find a group of missing children in a spooky environment while avoiding a tall and mysterious creature that slowly follows you. Developed by BIGZUR studios, this downloadable app for portable devices assures the screams you need thanks to its fine visual design and its optimized technical aspect.

What makes this edition especially playable is that it includes a plot behind all the myth. In the history of Slender Man, you are a loving father who is playing with your son when suddenly you're made aware that seven kids have disappeared from their families and you, as a detective, must free them from the creature that took them. So, for the first time, you won’t be involved in an unexplainable situation, but the horrific story of Slender Man pursuing you finally makes sense, and that’s even worse for your safety.

The visual aspect of Slender Man Origins makes the most of mobile portable devices granting great level designs

The visual aspect of Slender Man Origins makes the most of mobile portable devices granting great level designs that are very realistic for the platform it aims to be played on. The weather effects add variety with fog and rain for getting you into the horror mood. The night ambience increases the pressure for finding the lost children while a slender figure approaches you in silence. This is the part in which the developers have put more emphasis for creating a real horror game easy to play by every phone user.

Level design details
Level design details

More locations, more terror

Although the first couple of games of Slender Man only featured a forest stage, this recent version includes some other environments. The castle, the village and the dreadful graveyard apart from the usual forest are included in the title without an additional download for adding content. Each one of these levels hides surprises and places where you can run once you spot Slender Man, but it won’t be ever possible.

The control keys are quick-to-learn, which makes this edition appropriate for those brave users that dare to put their hands on Slender Man Origins. These controls allow you an improved exploration through ancient tombs and empty, gloomy streets. There are several control modes depending on your likes and your comfort, being able to change it from the menu.

For enhancing the ambient feeling the part of the sound has been taken seriously. With a proper 3D audio, you will be aware of everything that takes place around you. Take your headphones and be ready to experience an immersive horror history in which you can hardly defend yourself against the threat that comes for you.

There's no way to run

Slender Man Origins 0.01 Features

Check the main features for Slender Man Origins:

  • Play the original history of Slender Man trying to save the seven missing children making them free again
  • Change among the four different environments available (castle, village, forest and graveyard) and save the children from the creepy Slender Man
  • Great technical aspect with good level design that will give you the willies thanks to its atmospheric pressure
  • Enhanced sound with 3D audio which helps you to locate the hazards around you
  • Improved control for exploring and running away once you spot the slender figure chasing you
  • Different weather effects available, with rain and fog for creating a terrific environment

For more information about the title, visit its developer’s website before the app download.

System Requirements

Check the minimum requirements for your device:

  • OS: Android 2.3 or iOS 4.0 installed
  • Size: 96.7MB free space



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